How to apply for the Mochara All Star Academy 2024 – Applications now open

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H&C is thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the 5th season of our most popular reality series, All Star Academy – this year sponsored by Mochara

We’re heading back to the Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire, where our cast and crew will be under the ever-watchful eye of international dressage rider and trainer, Pammy Hutton. This year all 8 contestants will reach the last night before the final 4 are selected for the Mochara finale – featuring lots of challenges and special guests along the way!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be put through your paces, and crowned our Mochara All Star Academy Champion? Check out our FAQs below and you can apply here – Mochara All Star Academy (

Applications will close Friday 21st June at midnight (23:59 BST)!



How do I apply? 

Hurrah! We can’t wait to see your application. Simply fill out the online form and submit your very best ‘audition video’ and we’ll be in touch. Your video must include you speaking to camera and ideally show you and your horse in action. 


What are you looking for in the application video?

Pointers for your application video: 

  • Please make sure to film your audition video in landscape (16:9)
  • Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes
  • Use the video to tell us more about yourself, your horse and what you get up to together
  • Aim to include at least 30 seconds of talking to camera
  • Remember to tell us WHY you want to attend Mochara All Star Academy Season 5!
  • Need some more pointers? Take a look at previous auditions here


How do you select the series cast?

We’re looking for horse and rider combinations who are competent in all three disciplines, eager to learn and like a laugh! Each audition video will be reviewed by our team, and we’ll be looking to announce those who are successful in the beginning of September.


What are the stages of selection? When will candidates hear back from H&C?

Entries are open until 21st June.

We’re expecting to be inundated with All Star hopefuls(!), so need a little time to review all your super submissions! We’ll aim to announce our cast of 8 beginning of September via our website, social media and other channels.


Which countries can I apply from? 

We welcome applications from anywhere in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


How will we be contacted if successful?

We’ll look to contact our cast via phone in August.

Can I enter with more than one horse?

Yes! However, each horse must be your regular ride and we’ll only be accepting one horse/rider combination per household.


Can I apply if I’m under 18? 

Sadly not. For insurance purposes, our cast members for this series need to be aged 18 or over. Your time might come in future series – so don’t despair! 


Can I apply if I have a loan horse/pony? 

Yes, you certainly can! But they must be your regular ride and make sure you have the owner’s permission to move them and you meet the rest of our criteria.


Can I apply if I don’t want to jump with my horse?

Not for this series, we’re afraid! The ideal All Star Champion is an excellent all-rounder – so be prepared to strut your stuff, scale those heights and give it all you’ve got.


Can I apply if I don’t have transport? 

You can – however, you’ll still need to be responsible for arranging your own transport to and from Talland.


Can I apply if I don’t have social media? 

Yes, being social media savvy isn’t a necessity. However, we’ll be announcing key updates, hints, and tips via H&C’s social accounts, so it may be useful to create your own account if successful.


What level of fitness should my horse be to apply? 

During filming, you may be required to ride your horse at least once a day. This will include all three disciplines, so they will need to be fit enough to be able to cope with this level of work. As a guide, they should be fit enough to compete at BE80 comfortably.


Does my horse need to be of a certain type, age or size to apply?

As you can see from our previous series, we accept all breeds from Fell ponies to Clydesdales. They must be aged four and over and can’t be smaller than 13’2. They need to be sound, healthy and fit enough to cope with the workload. 


Does my horse need to be shod?

We don’t require horses to be shod for the series. However, horse welfare is paramount and if there’s any sign of unsoundness, the horse will be withdrawn from filming. So, please consider whether a barefoot or partially shod horse will be able to cope with the amount of work required.


What happens if my horse goes lame?

Of course, life with horses is unpredictable and no one can guarantee soundness. So, unfortunately if a cast member’s horse goes lame in the run up to filming week or during filming, they may need to be withdrawn. However, we would follow veterinary advice where possible. 


Where will filming be?

Filming will take place at Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire. 


Will accommodation and stabling be provided?

Yes! Horse & Country will provide on-site accommodation and food for all cast members. 

Stabling and bedding is provided but food is not included.


Do I need any specific tack to enter?

No, but you’ll need a well-fitting saddle that’s suitable for both flatwork and jumping, as well as a correctly fitting bridle.