Mochara All Star Academy

Talland School of Equitation, Cirencester

Entries Open

25th April 2024

Entries Close

14th June 2024

Applications are now open!

H&C is thrilled to be welcoming applications for the 5th season of our most popular reality series, the Mochara All Star Academy!

We're heading back to the Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire, where our lucky 8 All Stars will be under the ever-watchful eye of international dressage riders and trainers, Pammy and Charlie Hutton.

This year is set to be like no other - with Megan Elphick presenting the series along with a stellar line up of celebrity coaches. There will be a new format. All 8 riders will make it to the last day before the final 4 are chosen to take part in the Finale to see who will be this year's Mochara All Star Champion.

Think you've got what it takes?

This isn’t a contest to find the best rider. We want people who have some ability in the saddle but more importantly, a desire to improve, to share their learning and advice and to make a name for themselves.

We want our viewers to root for you and to fall in love with your horses. We want people who have a good knowledge of stable management but also a real keenness to learn. And we want people who are fun and entertaining, who our viewers can relate to.

Think you've got what it takes to be put through your paces, and crowned our Mochara All Star Champion? Check out our FAQs, then fill out the application form to register.

Be quick - applications close 14th June at 23.59 BST!