‘When Horses Choose’ available weekly on H&C+

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Have you ever wondered if your horse actually enjoys the time you share with them? If they enjoy the exercises you go through together? In this new series, horse trainer Mia Lykke Nielsen shows us ways to communicate with the horse that allows them to choose which activities they partake in!

Using 3 very different horses, Mia trains using a method based on the horse’s natural behaviour: the behaviour that horses are born with, and the behaviour that all horses perceive as their way of communicating.​ By adopting the language and behaviour of a lead horse, Mia invites the horse to follow her and partake in activities together, once the horse has chosen to do so. There is no need for pushing or coaxing.

In this series, we see Mia’s work help to turn the 3 horses’ lives around – to become happy horses with a new future. 

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