Wearable gadget monitors horse’s health

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Wearable technology has broken into the equestrian market, with the launch of a gadget that enables your horse to email you when he’s not feeling well.

Connect with humans

The SeeHorse is a device that records a horse’s temperature, pulse and respiratory functions (TPR) and then sends the information to your phone or computer.

“This wearable gives a horse a tool to connect with humans like never before,” says Peter Mankowski, SeeHorse CEO. “Horses are incredibly intelligent and majestic, but also fragile.

“They would like to tell us when they’re not feeling well, recovering from injury or simply missing our companionship, and SeeHorse lets them do that.”

‘Coach-veterinary tool’

As well as enabling owners to keep an eye of their horse’s health SeeHorse can be used as a training tool. While biometric data helps you track fitness levels, it also monitors a horse’s movements enabling you to measure their performance over a fence or when or schooling.

Peter, who calls the device a ‘coach-veterinary tool’,claims this technology also enables the device to identify muscle injuries early.

All information is sent to the SeeHorse app so you can keep a record of all data gathered.The waterproof device is kept charged using the energy of the horse’s movements.

Check your phone

The device is the brainchild of Jessica Roberts who events her horse Franky. She asked animal lover Peter, who previously worked in research and development at BlackBerry, to help her create a product that could help people monitor their horse’s health and performance.

“I have a busy lifestyle and can’t always be there for Franky,” said Jessica. “SeeHorse allows me to check on him with a quick check on my phone.”