We’ve all seen what an incredible rider Nick Skelton is, but who is the man behind his horses and can he cook?!

Olympic gold medallist

These questions and many more are answered in Daisy Dines With Nick Skelton, which you can watch NOW on Horse & Country. The show sees Daisy spends an evening with Olympic gold medallist Nick Skelton at his home in Warwickshire.

Nick rustles up a chicken, leek and mushroom pie while talking to Daisy about his life in showjumping, his family and his horses. Daisy also gets a tour of Nick’s fabulous facilities and his rather impressive trophy cabinet, before sitting down with Nick and his family to find out more about their lives and their passion for horses.

Exclusive access

Daisy Bunn is the daughter of Douglas Bunn, who set up the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead back in 1960. She grew up alongside some of the most famous names in the equestrian world and has gone on to become a director of the prestigious horse show.

H&C fans will know Daisy from her vlogs, which offer a sneak peak behind the scenes at Hickstead. Now you can find out more about her close friends and your favourite equestrian stars in Daisy Dines With… 

The show sees Daisy invited into the homes of top riders, where they cook a meal for her and offer her exclusive access to their lives. Other big names to star in the show include Carl Hester, Pippa and William Funnell and William Whitaker.