Ride, a series from FEI Originals that takes a deeper look in to the equestrian world.

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This month’s Ride visits Richmond’s Holly Lodge, where the nurturing nature of "Operation Centaur’s" horses is helping Londoners learn to mend mental health issues. (S3, Ep 4/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals brings you "A horse for all seasons" From the Scandinavian snow ponies Skijoering in Lapland to the sun-seeking steeds at Mozambique’s Maputo. We also visit the UK to meet Topspin(S2, Ep 10/12)
This month’s Ride reveals how, following a battle with cancer in 2016, her extraordinary connection with equines helped 21 year old South African Paralympian Cayla van der Walt heal.(S3, Ep 1/12)
This month’s Ride looks at the talents of Africa’s rising stars as they receive training in Morocco before the Youth Equestrian Games.We also visit Friesians of Green Bank Farm in Cumbria (S3,Ep 2/12)
On this month’s Ride we celebrate the unique connection with horses that saw China’s "Dressage Girl" Sarah Rao’s rise to fame. We also visit Vancouver to look at the Urban Equine Project. (S3, Ep 3/12)
This month’s Ride takes you back in time to Germany’s oldeststate stud - Marbach, where work to ensure the preservation of rare breeds continues and we visit stunt riding sensation Ben Atkinson. (S3, Ep 5/12)
This month’s Ride from FEI originals continues its worldwide equestrian wanderings, seeking out soul warming stories that honour the unending union between equines and humans.(S3, Ep 6/12)
This month’s Ride from FEI Originals proffers the past. "Your Carriage Awaits" in Sark, the smallest of the Channel Islands,where horse-drawn vehicles remain the primary means of transport and visit the Dublin Horse Show(S3, Ep 7/12)
This month, with the winter months upon us, Ride from FEI Originals takes a crisp morning canter in the heart of the UK’s capital with horses from one of London’s best kept secrets Hyde Park Stables and a visit to South-East Africa. (S3, Ep 8/12)
This month on Ride from FEI Originals, we head to Oxfordshire in South-East England, to meet Ben Benson, one of just 17 Master Farriers in the world and Catie Staszak talks commentary, and how passion speaks a thousand words. (S2, Ep 9/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals brings you "Horses for Hope" and celebrates the steeds helping service men and women with PTSD on the road to recovery at Horseback UK. We also visit Australia for a lifetime equine experience.(S2, Ep 11/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals revels in the "Power" of the horse, endorsing the equine rescue efforts in War-torn Ukraine and revealing how show jumping is helping promote national pride (S2, Ep 12/12)
This month, Ride from FEI Originals We plaud the "Princes of Peace" helping troubled youngsters overcome their hang-ups through the art horsemanship in Canada. We also visit the London International Horse Showf(S4, Ep 9/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals returns for a brand-new series, spinning more heart-warming yarns about extraordinary horsemen and women, and the steeds that empower & inspire them. (S4, Ep 1/12)
This month on Ride from FEI Originals: "May the Horse Be With You!" We continue to bolster the brilliant bond between equines and humans, showcasing the teaching skills of Longine Ambassador and Swiss Jumping star Jane Richard.(S4, Ep 2/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals is once again mindful of how horses help bring humans happiness. We marvel at the.power of pony meditation at the Isle of Skye Trekking and Therapy centre.(S4, Ep 3/12)
Ride from FEI Originals promotes "Work Like a Horse" in the Netherlands, where ponies provide under privileged children with a helping hand. We celebrate the Suffolk Punch Trust and its fight to preserve the endangered draught breed. (S4, Ep 4/12)
This month on Ride from FEI Originals we visit the Grand Stables at the Palace of Versailles,witnessing historic horsemanship skills that have stood the test of time. We also bow to the American Bashkir Curly hypoallergenic equine breed. (S4,Ep 5/12)
This month on Ride from FEI Originals, we visit Moscarr Farm in the East Midlands, home to a hardy herd of Haflingers and the oldest UK stud of its kind. We also spend time with Swiss jumping sensation Edouard Schmitz (S4, Ep 6/12)
This month on Ride from FEI Originals we showcase the skills of the Saxon steeds performing in the Moritzburg Stud Stallion Parade in Germany.We’re alsoc reating dreams with the UK’s Dylan Ward,(S4, Ep 7/12)
This month Ride from FEI Originals brings you "Horsesensing", a Kentucky-based programme that helps veterans with PTSD and recovering addicts find purpose and We’re on the move with an Icelandic herd.(S4, Ep 8/12)
This month Ride joins junior jumpers at the Maclain Finals in Kentucky, "Retreats and Conquers" with the horses of Sumba Island, and drops in on the UK's Springbridge Driving for the Disabled Centre.

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