The All Star Diaries

Catch up with the four Blue Chip All Star Academy finalists in life after the Academy.

The All Star Diaries

Season 1

Season 2

Catch up with the four Blue Chip All Star Academy finalist, Rhi, Izzy, Josh and Lucy in their first Vlogs about life after Talland (S1, Ep1/8)
In this episode Lucy and Josh head out eventing and our champion Rhi Lee-Jones vlogs from her presenting debut at Burghley (S1, Ep2/8)
In this show All star winner Rhi Lee-Jones takes Bob to the beach and Izzy is supporting the GMP mounted unit with their anti-bullying campaign (S1, Ep3/8)
In this episode the All Stars head into winter and Josh hangs up his eventing boots to go sky diving and Rhi heads to Cheltenham. (S1, Ep4/8)
Catch up with the four All Star Academy finalist as they start a new year with new challenges, Josh has a new horse and Izzy chats about dressge plans. (S1, Ep5/8)
In this episode the All Stars share their memories of their time at Talland and Rhi trains Bob at the mounting block. (S1, Ep6/8)
The All Stars share their vlogs from the past month and in this show Josh is out training in groups and Lucy has got a new horse called Harry. (S1, Ep7/8)
In this episdoe it the final vlogs from the All Stars and they relfex on the year they've had since leaving Talland. (S1, Ep8/8)
In this series the All Stars keep us up to date with their horse antics in video vlogs. In this episode we catch up with Kerry, Hannah, Victoria, Ella Tina and Kelly. (S2, Ep1/8)
In this episode it's all about hacking and The All Stars including 'Life OnThe Left Rein' Vlogger Tina Wallace are out enjoying the British countryside. (S2, Ep2/8)
In this show All Star Kerry has a lesson with Yogi Breisner and Kerry films wth Jenny Rudall at the BD Team Quest finals. (S2, Ep3/8)
In Episode 4 the All Stars vlog about their latest equine antics. Army officer Harry Swales goes showjumping at Parwood and Tina heads to London. (S2, Ep4/8)
In this show it shows season as Harry heads to The London International Horse Show - Olympia and Tina Wallace goes north to the Liverpool Horse Show. (S2, Ep5/8)
It's a new year and a new set of Vlogs from the All Star and in this show Ella tells us how Frosty is getting on and Kelly is Team Chasing. (S2, Ep6/8)
In this episode Ceri's horse undergoes the kissing spine op and Tina is sharing some training exercises over poles. . (S2, Ep7/8)
It's been a year since the All Stars left Talland and here are the All Stars final Vlogs starting with Harry taking his course design exam for British Showjumping.(S2, Ep8/8)

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