Ken Faulkner: Horseman of Oz

Ken Faulkner shares his insights, knowledge and experience of Natural Horsemanship.

Ken Faulkner: Horseman of Oz

Season 1

Ken introduces the first steps when it comes to handling foals, by placing a halter on Tip Toes and teaching her to lead. Meanwhile, Dr Bill examines Pepper's lameness in an x-ray. (S1, Ep 1/8)
Ken takes one of his mares into Dr Bill's clinic to have her scanned to see if she is in foal. Ken gives John a lesson on liberty (both groundskills & riding), on his Clydesdale, Albert. (S1, Ep 2/8)
CC has never been on the float before and Ken teaches us how to introduce the float to a young horse. Uncle Sundance is placed in the float, showing CC it's not such a bad place to be. (S1, Ep 3/8)
Ken and Bill show us what we should look for when purchasing a horse and what the vet purchase exam involves. Ken teaches lots of spins and exercises. (S1, Ep 4/8)
Ken and Bill discuss Hendra Virus and give Buzz his booster shot. We look at the history, spread and offer advice and tips. Ken introduces the saddle to CC - much to CC's disapproval. (S1, Ep 5/8)
Ken helps students Jane and Kim on issues they have been having with flatwork. Ken also assists Dr Bill with a hernia operation on a young foal, and things nearly don't go to plan. (S1, Ep 6/8)
Ken instructs Amanda and her young horse Etta. Amanda has just had her young horse started and has encountered some problems. Dr Bill gives Pepper his annual dental exam. (S1, Ep 7/8)
Ken brings in Kathy's horse Sundance for a check-up. Kathy is concerned about his hind legs. Ken and his horse, Smoke, have some training (and also great fun) with the electric cow. (S1, Ep 8/8)

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