4 Years to 5*

Who better to learn from than current World Eventing Champion, Ros Canter and Youth Performance Coach, Caroline Moore? This exclusive training mini-series features 19 videos covering a range of topics

Season 1

This exercise should be included in your weekly training program to help develop hoof/brain coordination, build the correct muscles to engage core and carry the rider and develop the steering aids.
This exercise is designed to engage the hind leg, create more response from the riders aids and increase the discipline and accuracy required in competition.
Using raised poles to canter over on a curve can develop more activity through the hind leg as well as raise the withers and create engagement.
This exercise is useful to warm up for jumping as it creates a good ‘springboard’ effect in the canter, improves the horses suppleness and the riders rhythm. A super exercise to have in your school at
This is an exercise for all level of horses and is brilliant for creating a good ‘spring board’ canter to jump out of
Using a bounce two strides (11yds or 10m) to an oxer on a curve then another two strides to a bounce out on a curve. By changing direction through this line it covers many skills.
This exercise is multi discipline and is highly useful to improve the horses canter, the riders turning aids and the horses natural engagement.
This is a perfect exercise for the young horse but also to establish the basics in a more experienced horse.
Before a horse can learn to read a corner properly it is important to teach him to hold a line across an angle. Because the horse will often follow the angle and not stay straight it’s essential to ha
Grid work can be useful as long as it’s progressive and educational. This exercise develops straightness when a horse might want to drift to one direction down a line.
As the horse gets more confident in his ability it is a good exercise in training to challenge a slight angle with a narrow fence.
The shoulder brush is a straight forward fence if the horse can take off and land in the corresponding spot.
The three most important things about successful jumping is canter quality, rhythm and line. This exercise, starting with the square exercise then moving to adding a fence in teaches horse and rider t
This exercise develops an essential skill needed for both show jumping and cross country riding at all levels. It teaches the horse to land in the correct balance, on the correct lead and gives the ri
This is a fun exercise for all levels of horse and will develop reactions and eye sight. You will need a grid of 3 or preferably 4 fences (I like to use oxers) and I like to use two strides between ea
In competition the course designer will often put two or three fences together as a combination where the horse will need to land on the next line rather than land and then turn (as this might be too
These sorts of fences are used now at all levels and the course designer is challenging the straightness and ability to hold a line. In this video I show how the leg yield in canter can be used as an
In this video Ros and Caroline explain how to walk your lines from the coach and riders point of view.
When riding cross country the topography of the ground will have a big impact on how a fence should be approached.

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