Ever wondered how Scott Brash makes jumping those massive tracks look so effortless? He doesn’t just rely on his natural talent – Scott is a big believer in good old-fashioned hard work and practice, practice, practice.

Success in the ring

In a new Masterclass on H&C the Olympic gold medalist reveals why everything has to be right at home, before you can get things right at a competition.

“Even if your horse jumps well there is always stuff to work on and things that could be better,” he says. “For example, when you ask them to move off your leg you want it to happen now, not three strides later. Otherwise, what happens when you’re in front of a fence and you ask him to lengthen? He has to lengthen now, or you’re going to be wrong to it.

“These are things you need to practice every single day. Your horse has to be responsive; you want to be able to think about cantering and he canters. You have to get them to that training stage to be successful in the ring.”

Rider accuracy

As well as consistent and regular training with your horse, Scott says you also need to train yourself.

“The more correct signals we send a horse and the more times we are accurate in front of a fence, the more he will trust us and then the partnership evolves.

“It’s our job as a rider to make it as easy as possible for the horse to jump the fence, so we have to present him to that fence at the correct take off point, in a rhythm, balanced and straight, so he has the best chance of jumping clear.”

For more great advice from Scott Brash don’t miss his Masterclass which is available NOW on H&C Play and Amazon Video.