Saut Hermès is one of the most exciting and prestigious in the world. It takes place inside the magificent Grand Palais in Paris, and hosts classes for young riders as well as those at the very top of the sport.

The Saut Hermès naturally features the prestigious Grand Prix Hermès CSI 5*, which remains one of the toughest competitions on the international circuit, but it also showcases the Saut Hermès CSI 5*, in which mixed teams of riders, who have qualified during the Prix Hermès Sellier CSI 5* the day before, compete.

Watch Saut Hermès 2019 when it premieres on Friday 29 March at 8pm, or on demand from Saturday 30 March. Then, watch Grand Prix Hermès 2019 premiere on Saturday 30 March at 8pm, and then on demand from Sunday 31 March.