Parzival back on form ahead of WEG

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The Dutch team scored a decisive win at the home leg of the FEI Nations Cup dressage series in Rotterdam, with Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival leading the way.

Parzival is the prince

Adelinde and the 17-year-old chestnut have only recently returned to top level competition after a absence of nine months, following surgery to correct a heart arrhythmia. They netted the highest score of the day in Rotterdam with 81.480%.

“We came back out at Arnhem two weeks ago and there were too many mistakes. The last time we were out [before then] was in Vienna last September and since then we have just been training and training. I wanted tochange some stuff and if you do competitions it’s not possible,” said Adelinde, who missed the World Cup in order to concentrate on preparing for the World Equestrian Games.

Top squad

The Netherlands were fielding their strongest combinations in Rotterdam, with the view of observing the riders ahead of this summer’s World Equestrian Games.

Team hopes must now be high when Adelinde and her team mates Edward Gal, Danielle Heijkoop and Hans Peter Minderhoud took the top four individual placings as well as winning the team competition.

With such consistency, the World championships in Normandy look set to become an epic battle – with Germany and Holland both likely to field extremely strong teams, while Great Britain boast the not-so-secret weapon of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro.

Nations cup

Denmark finished second in Rotterdam, 10 points behind the Dutch team, while Sweden was third. Great Britain fielded a team that did not feature any of our recent medal-winning riders, and finished in fourth place.

There are two legs of the FEI Nations Cup series left to go – Aachen in Germany, before the series concludes at Hickstead.

1. Netherlands 79.740: Jerich Parzival NOP (Adelinde Cornelissen) 81.480, Glock’s Undercover NOP (Edward Gal) 80.780, Kingsley Siro NOP (Danielle Heijkoop) 76.960, Glock’s Johnson TN (Hans Peter Minderhoud) 76.680.
2. Denmark 69.927: Loxana (Maria Anita Andersen) 68.420, My Lady (Mikala Munter Gundersen) 71.800, Michigan (Ulrik Moelgaard) 69.560.
3. Sweden 69.727: Lennox (Cecilia Andren Dorselius) 68.920, Zircoon Spring Flower (Jennie Larsson) 65.940, Santana (Minna Telde)73.040, Biggles (Kristian Von Krusenstierna) 67.220.
4. Great Britain 68.380: Weltzin (Hannah Biggs) 65.760, Pasoa (Nikki Crisp) 68.400, Bayford Hall Dallaglio (Daniel Sherriff) 66.180, Fideramber (Daniel Watson) 70.560.
5. Belgium 68.113: Donnerfee (Claudia Fassaert) 69.760, Wodan (Francoise Hologne-Joux) 68.220, Wipsy VH Heihof (Delphine Meiresonne) 66.360, Wilco V (Mario Van Orschaegen) 64.920.
6. France 68.047: Lights of Londonderry (Alexandre Ayache) 67.900, Noble Dream Concept Sol (Marc Boblet) 64.100, After You (Henry Ludovic) 66.380, Robinson de Lafont de Massa (Arnaud Serre) 69.860.
7. USA 67.807: Currency DC (Susan Dutta) 66.440, Mane Stream Hotmail (Catherine Haddad Staller) 67.960, Lombardo LHF (Brian Hafner) 69.020.
Detailed resultshere