The horse who took Swiss rider Steve Guerdat to Olympic gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Nino des Buissonnets, has been retired from competition.

The gelding was retired at CHI Geneva, after finishing 12th in the Rolex Grand Prix – a class he won twice during his stellar career.

“It was always clear that when Nino retired, it would be in Geneva. It is my favourite show and the crowd here love him,” said Steve.

The horse is retiring fit and well. “Nino is still in top form at the moment, but he will turn 16 next year and if he were to sustain an injury, it would probably be the end of his career. I didn’t want to take this risk. I wanted him to retire when he is still at the peak of his performance, he deserves that.”

As well as winning individual Olympic gold in London, Nino also came second in two World Cup Finals.

“He never took part at too many shows, but whatever he did, he always turned in top results – and he is still in top form now. He is not only my best horse, he is without doubt one of the top horses in sporting history.”