‘Major burglary’ for eventer Vittoria Panizzon

Heading image

Italian eventer Vittoria Panizzon has had her tackroom broken into and “fifteen years” worth of equipment stolen.

Broken door

Vittoria resorted to the “power of social media” to appeal to her fans and fellow riders to help find the missing gear. The items taken include 15 saddles – six of which were the high-end Italian brand, Pariani – 19 bridles, martingales, breastplates, an Equissage pad, Ice-Vibe boots and ultrasound machine.

According to the rider, the thieves must have had “specialist knowledge” and been told the yard was unoccupied.

“They broke through the door and took their time to steal bananas and sausage rolls from the fridge knowing my landlord was away and I was at Bramham,” Vittoria wrote on Facebook. “However, thank heavens they left Pennyz safe in her stable.”

Star mare

Borough Pennyz was Vittoria’s ride at London 2012, where the pair came 11th. She was one of the youngest horses at the Olympics, aged just nine at the time.

The grey mare has since produced an embryo, which has just been successfully transferred to another mare.