Hertfordshire Police are searching for those responsible for a near-fatal attack on a horse who was shot in the head with an arrow.


Widget, a coloured cob yearling, was discovered with an arrow protruding from his eye socket last Saturday evening.

The arrow the type fired from a longbow had gone through the horse’s eye socket and had entered the nasal cavity. The horse was taken to the Royal Veterinary College were vets were hopeful of his survival despite the horrific injuries.
The owner of the yard in Abbots Langley Hertfordshire where Widget resides has put up a £1 000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.


Despite the severity of the injuries the weapon had not hit anything ‘vital’. “It seems he has had a very lucky escape ” explained RSPCA deputy chief inspector Mel Fisher. “It’s hoped we won’t lose his eye but it’s too early to know for sure.”

Hertfordshire Police continue their investigations into finding the perpetrators. “This appears to be a senseless cruel crime and we are doing all we can to find the person responsible ” said Det. Sgt. Dan Stoddart.

Widget’s owner Hannah Dorsett praised the care from the Royal Veterinary College and has been “overwhelmed” by support via social media. “He’s taken this awful incident in his stride” Hannah told the BBC. “He’s very bright and enjoying plenty of carrots as a treat.”