Charlotte Dujardin’s new autobiography features all the usual stars like Carl Hester and Valegro – but there is one other big name to look out for… Horse & Country.

Fantastic Elastic

That’s right, little old us gets a few mentions in Charlotte Dujardin: The Girl on the Dancing Horse, which is Charlotte’s personal account of her rise to fame and relationship with the world’s most famous horse.

Charlotte talks about the first time H&C fans met her and Valegro, when they featured in Carl’s Fantastic Elastic master class, way back in 2009.

“It was while we were filming with Horse & Country that Carl went on record as saying that the aim for Blueberry was London 2012,” Charlotte writes.

Dressage Superstars

A few pages later the Olympic triple gold-medallist talks about filming Carl and Charlotte: Dressage Superstars, which followed the pair as they prepared for the Olympics.

“Viewers were duly treated to the delights of one of our training sessions, which was absolutely typical in that Carl made me ride down the centre line about a hundred times. It’s the way we always work together: I do something and he’ll tell me to pat the horse, slap myself, and do it again.”

These shows, plus many more featuring Charlotte, are available to watch online now oHorse & Country TV and Amazon Video.

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