Scientists have designed high-tech headphones for horses, which may help improve their performance.

In the zone

Chances are you have your favourite track to wind down to, or one to motivate you when you’re working out. What if you could help your horse get in the zone in the same way?

According to HorseCom you now can, as their new wearable technology allows you to stream soothing (or pumping) music to your horse’s ears.

The HCom device is hidden in a bonnet, and uses Bluetooth technology to play songs from your mobile phone.

The device was created by Hugo Kajdas, who came up with the idea to help his sister’s highly strung Selle Français mare.

Dark Horse

It has since been tested out by British Showjumper Yazmin Pinchen (pictured above). She uses the headphones on her Nations Cup horse, Ashkari.

“She hates noise in ring, so it’s been really helpful,” says Yazmin. “When I first put it on she was a bit shocked, but she soon got used to it. You need to start off with something really calm, don’t play anything too crazy!”

HCom also features a headset that clips on to your helmet, so can you still talk to your horse. Now there is no excuse for him not listening to you – even if he’s rocking out to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.

“The headset is really handy, as they can hear you better when it’s windy,” says Yazmin.

Pony playlists

The company has been working with composers to create playlists that will fit in with your horse’s training. There are different tracks for different gaits, or you can download an hour-long DJ mix to suit your equestrian discipline.

Yazmin’s songs of choice for India are Coldplay. She says Up and Up is great for fittening work, while Fix You is the perfect track for cooling off and stretching.

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