With winter closing in (sorry…) now is the time to hunker down and watch some decent TV. And what better way to spend your evenings than learning how to take better care of your horse?

Expert advice

H&C’s Vet Essentials is a fascinating series of documentaries that take an in-depth look at a range of common issues affecting horses.

In each episode, Jenny Rudall gets expert advice from top vets on subjects ranging from worming to taking care of competition horses.


Series one kicks off with laminitis, offering information on how to avoid and manage this painful disease. Episode two explores equine Cushing’s or PPID, while episode three looks at the life-threatening condition colic.

Series two tackles the care of the competition horse, including respiratory problems and tendon injuries, and in the final episode Jenny finds out everything you need to know about worming.

You can watch series one and two of Vet Essentials NOW on H&C Play or Amazon Video.