Photo: Julian Portch

Harry Charles has won the NAEC Stoneleigh Stakes on the first day of international showjumping at HOYS, riding an ex-eventer.

‘Way quicker’

The 19-year-old was last to go and he made full use of his prime position, as riders had to plan their own jump-off. Harry admitted he had Richard Howley to thank for his round, who went into the lead just before he entered the arena.

“I had a different one planned, but I saw Richard’s and I thought it was way quicker than my original course,” said Harry. “Victor is an ex-eventing horse, so I knew he could do the turns easily and maybe shave a fraction of a second off.”

That’s exactly what the pair did, beating Richard and Chinook’s round by just 23 hundredths of a second, to take the title.

Home crowd

“We have a great system at home, so when we come to a show, everything works like it has,” said Harry, who is the son of London 2012 Olympic gold medallist Peter Charles. “I want to thank everyone behind me for making moments like this possible.

“This show is right up there, and there is nothing like a home crowd. It gives you that extra bit of drive as well.”

This was Harry’s second win at HOYS, as earlier in the day he was one of four joint winners of the Five Fence Challenge alongside Helen Tredwell, Robert Murphy and Joseph Stockdale.

You can watch HOYS on Horse & Country as we are showing daily highlights at 7pm – just hours after the live event. Tonight’s show includes the NAEC Stoneleigh Stakes and Osborne Refrigerators Double Harness Scurry.

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