Gerco Schröder to keep Olympic ride London

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It is good to know that fairy godfathers really do exist, but we imagined them to be waving a wand and not a gun…

Glock pistol

Billionnaire Gaston Glock, creator of the famous Glock pistol, is a “self-confessed horse fanatic” and his most recent acquisition is London – the Olympic silver medal-winning partner of Dutch showjumperg Gerco Schröder.

The 12-year-old gelding was previously owned by Eurocommerce, which wentbankruptin 2012. As a result 30 showjumpers went for auction last month, including London who was bought by Glock for a reported €8.3million.

Very emotional

His rider Gerco has since been asked to join Team Glock, which means the talented couple will continue to compete together.

“The past few weeks have been very emotional for me,” Gerco said in a statement on theGlock website. “First I was so sad about having to say goodbye to London at the auction. Then the good news that Gaston and Kathrin Glock had bought London and I can continue riding him.

“And now, to top it all, I have been invited to join Team Glock: it is all simply incredible. I am unbelievably happy to be part of the team! It is a great honour for me.”

Luxury venue

The horse will be brought to theGlock Horse Performance Centrein Austria, which was created by the 83-year-old gun-maker, who wanted to create a “a state-of-the-art environment” for riders and horses.

The incredible venue has luxury stables, two air-conditioned and heatable indoor arenas, a large covered dressage ring, as well as fabulous outdoor facilities.

Other riders on the Glock team include former World Champion showjumper and Olympic Gold medalist Franke Sloothaak, and three-times World Champion dressage rider Edward Gal.