Great Britain’s John Whitaker came close to claiming the Windsor Grand Prix with Argento, but in the end it was the USA’s Kent Farrington (Creedance) who took the top prize.

Speed kings

Fourteen riders made it through to the jump off for the Kingdom of Bahrain Trophy, which forms the finale of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Canada’s Tiffany Foster (Tripple X III) were second to go and held the lead for some time. She was eventually knocked off the top spot when Kent beat her time by some three seconds.

John Whitaker tried his best to go for the win, but finished one second adrift. “Up to the planks I knew I was quicker,” said John. “Then he spooked at something. I don’t know what it was, so I ended up doing two or three strides more than Kent.”

Naturally fast

John had to settle for eventual second behind Kent.

“Creedance is a naturally fast horse and was flying out there, but I held my breath a bit when John went,” said Kent. “I grew up watching him and he is still just as good now as he was then. “I’ve taken two big wins this week so I think I should get out of town quick!”