Farming Sunday celebrates its 21st series on H&C

Farming Sunday New Series
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Farming Sunday is back on our screens this Easter weekend with its 21st series on H&C TV.

Trusted source

The popular farming magazine show is a trusted source of information for those working in the agricultural industry. Unlike many other farming shows, which are more generalist, Farming Sunday ensures its features are specifically relevant and interesting to the farming community.

“We make sure Farming Sunday is made by farmers, for farmers, rather than being a general interest show,” said the show’s producer Alan Powell.

“We get very positive feedback from farmers who watch the show, as there is very little else for them on TV and they appreciate that it isn’t dumbed down. Each episode is the equivalent of going to a talk, it’s not just entertainment.”

Latest technology

The programme explores the latest technologies in farming and speaks to industry experts. Topics covered in this new series include good calf health in the dairy and beef industry, and precision farming techniques, such as driverless tractors and robotic milking machines.

In episode one, we see how farmers make better use of their slurry lagoons (containers in which animal waste is stored). By adding bacteria to the compost it maintains the correct pH balance, which improves the quality of their soil when they spread it on their fields.

The first episode of Farming Sunday premieres on 16 April at 9pm on Sky 253, or you can watch online by subscribing to H&C Play.

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