If you thought carriage driving was a leisurely pursuit, be prepared to have your preconceptions busted with an exciting new programme coming to Horse & Country.

Drama and danger

Royal Windsor: Driving Grand Prix captures the drama, danger and dashing horses of the combined driving at Windsor, and also includes exclusive coverage of the Royal family.

As well as high-octane action from the Grand Prix, the hour-long programme takes us behind the scenes. Viewers get to meet some of the competitors and learn what it takes to compete in driving at the highest level.

Those of you new to the sport will gain an insight into the judging system of the three different phases – dressage, marathon and obstacle cones – as well as the latest technology used in the carriages and the physically demanding nature of the sport.

Royal access

The programme also features special moments with the Royals, including an interview with Prince Philip, who recently announced his retirement from public service. The 96-year-old shows no sign of giving up horses, however, and during the Grand Prix he drove his carriage around the grounds to watch all the action.

Whether you are a carriage driving fan or new to the sport, this programme captures the thrill of driving and the special atmosphere of historic Windsor.

Royal Windsor: Driving Grand Prix premieres on Sky 253 on May 21 at 8pm, or you can watch online via H&C Play.