The thrilling series The Ride returns to Horse & Country for a third series, with Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson tackling yet another incredible journey on horseback.

Human endurance

In 1835 Sir Harry Smith took just six days to ride 950km from Cape Town, using the horse-based postal system of the Cape Colony. His mission was to take command of the British garrison at Grahamstown.

Smith had fresh horses waiting for him at post stations every 40km, but it was still a remarkable feat of human endurance and horsemanship. Riding at an average speed of over 22km per hour, he covered around 150km a day.

Brave duo

This incredible race against time is relived by Barry and Joe in the latest series of The Ride.

Using 40 horses, sourced from the local trail and endurance riding communities, the brave duo replicate the postal system of 1835 and endeavour to match the furious pace set by Smith.

You can watch their epic journey on Horse & Country. Episode one of The Ride: Ghost of Harry Smith premieres on 1 November at 7pm.

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