Do you want to be in All Star Academy Series 3?

The second series of Blue Chip All Star Academy was bigger and better than ever and we are already making plans for the third series.

2018 winner

Which special guests will be invited along to help judge each challenge? Will Pammy still be scary (but also very nice), what will Charlie’s hair look like, will everyone cry, who will fall off? And, most importantly, who will be crowned the 2018 All Star winner?

There is so much to look forward to!


We hope to film series three of The All Star Academy during the summer. When entries open for audition videos, all details will be available on our website and social media – so follow H&C on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will also send out a newsletter, so please make sure you are on our mailing list. You can sign up to this via our website.

In the meantime, why not watch series one and two again and get some ideas on how to impress Pammy!

Series 1

  • 1. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • Judges Jenny Rudall and Pammy Hutton meet the eight All Star finalists. The riders settle in at Talland before a busy morning of flatwork lessons.
  • 2. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • Our eight finalists are being put through their paces at Talland. In this episode the contestants do a saddlery task and get the chance to watch a flatwork demo.
  • 3. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • The eight riders receive a turnout masterclass from show producer Jayne Ross. The next day our judges assess the contestants' grooming skills.
  • 4. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • In this penultimate episode there's a veterinary challenge for our contestants before they all have a jumping lesson from Olympic event rider Ludwig Svennerstal.
  • 5. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • It's the series final and the eight contestants undertake a media challenge with Carl Hester. They have one last riding assessment before the 2016 champion is crowned.

Series 2

  • 1. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • We meet the eight All Star finalists as they arrive at the Academy. The riders settle in at Talland before embarking on their first challenge with Pammy and Charlie Hutton.
  • 2. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • The All Star finalists get to try out the famous Talland school masters before being tested on their bitting knowledge.
  • 3. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • The eight finalists learn how to fall off with a lesson from a stunt team and there is a surprise change of jockey in their riding task.
  • 4. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • After being tested on their presenting skills by ITV Racing's Alice Plunkett our riders are tested over jumps with top trainer Geoff Billington.
  • 5. Blue Chip All Star Academy
    • On the final day at the Academy Louise Bell star of the Showing ring gives our riders top turn out tips before they perform their freestyle to music. But who will be crowned champion?

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