If you watched the Blue Chip All Star Academy you will know that one of the prizes was to guest present a Rudall’s Round-Up on H&C.

This year’s winner Kelly Seager got her big chance in front of the camera at the British Dressage Team Quest Championships at Bury Farm EC in Buckinghamshire. We caught up with her to find out how filming with Jenny went.

How did you feel before the big day?

I was quite nervous and apprehensive, as I’d not done anything like it before. I was worried about getting stage fright and not knowing what ask.

I got there an hour before we started filming and luckily I bumped into someone who had won the day before, so I had a practice session.

What it easier or harder than you expected?

It was a bit of both. Jenny gave me lots of tips about keeping the energy up on camera, which helped.

She also told me not to over think things and to treat the interviews like a chat. I would have preferred to have set questions, which I could have learned, but Jenny explained this can make an interview a bit static. It’s better to respond to what they say at the time.

I watched Jenny do a few interviews first, but I almost got too involved enjoying the interview and forgot to pay attention to how she was doing it!

She gave me nice interview to start with, with Winnie Murphy from British Dressage and it came more naturally that I thought it would.

What were the best bits of the day?

Just being at the championships and watching all the dressage, which I love. It was nice to watch everyone enjoying themselves and there was a great team spirit.

And the worst?

It was an exhausting day. I don’t know how Jenny does it! We started filming 11am and finished around 5pm, but by about 2pm I hit a wall as I had processed so much information.

Would you like to do more TV?

It has definitely given me ideas for my own blog, in terms of talking to organisers at shows and interviewing other riders. I don’t know if H&C want me back! I wouldn’t stay no, but I’m not sure it’s a career path I could invest in, as I already run my own business.

You can watch Rudall’s Round-Up: BD Team Quest online NOW via H&C Play or Amazon Video.