In this clip from our latest episode of Rudall Rides With… international showjumper Tim Stockdale tells Jenny how he went from zero to hero!

Defied the odds

“If you went go back to my Pony Club and said to anybody, ‘one of these kids here is going to make it to the Olympic Games’, they could have had 20 goes and they would not have picked Tim Stockdale!” he laughs.

Throughout his 53 years, Tim has defied the odds, coming from a family of builders and battling back from a devastating injury, after breaking his neck in a fall.

Up and downs

Tim is the first showjumper to appear on Rudall Rides With… and he shares the ups and downs of his life with Jenny, who gets to ride his King George Cup winner. The lucky thing!

Don’t miss Rudall Rides with Tim Stockdale when it premieres on Saturday 20 January at 8pm on Sky 253, or you can watch online via H&C Play or Amazon Video. H&C Play subscribers can then watch it on Catch Up.