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Does your horse exhibit unwanted behaviour? Perhaps you’re concerned about their stress levels, or a particular exercise that they’re struggling with? Well, no matter your discipline or level of experience – Tristan Tucker is here to help!

After years of training in Europe and Australia, as well as starting 100s of young or excitable horses, dressage rider Tristan developed his own unique training programme – the TRT Method. The TRT Method focusses on building a mental training programme for your horse – so that ambitious riders & horse owners alike can enjoy their horses more & that their horses can feel more confident and relaxed.

Join horse owners from all over the world, who are applying the TRT method with their horses today – including a wide range of disciplines and levels from recreational riders all the way to Olympic riders and trainers.

Sound like something you’d want to try? ’Tristan Tucker: TRT Method’ is available to H&C+ members worldwide from Thursday 21st January.

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