Half Halt with Pammy Hutton

Training legend ‘Pammy Hutton’ is on hand to helps explain the terminology of dressage and explain what it is your instructor is actually trying to say to you.

Half Halt with Pammy Hutton

Season 1

Dressage trainer Pammy Hutton takes common phrases from all levels of training and helps the rider understand their meaning. (S1, Ep 1/5)
In this episode, dressage expert Pammy Hutton looks at the rider's position through the levels and how to improve it by taking away stirrups (S1, Ep 2/5)
Most riders know of the Working, Collected, Medium and Extended Canter but dressage trainer Pammy Hutton has 6 canters she can teach you. (S1, Ep 3/5)
Lateral work is demystified in this episode: Pammy Hutton breaks down the leg yield and turn on the forehand for the younger horse (S1, Ep 4/5)
In the final instalment Pammy Hutton takes apart flying changes and then puts them back together again. (S1, Ep 5/5)

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