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There’s a new Masterclass on H&C this week, with none other than superstar even rider, Laura Collett!

In a new, 60-minute masterclass sponsored by Dodson & Horrell, top eventer Laura Collett gives a 4-part demo. Using 3 different horses, she’s taken YOUR questions and turned them into a collection of exercises & tips – to help you improve your performance as well as your horse’s.

In part one of the masterclass, Laura shows us how to use poles and small jumps to improve a horse’s ride-ability. In part 2, she brings out a 5 year old and introduces it to ’skinny’ and simulated XC fences for the very first time!

In parts 3 and 4, Laura brings out Pau winner – London 52 (aka Dan). She then shows us how simulated XC is really done riding incredible lines to fences, followed by some grid work. Laura shows us not only how to ride it but how to set it up as well.

Prepare to get some insight & inspiration from one of the very best riders in the world right now – as Laura shows you how to edge closer to your riding goals.

Laura Collett: Practice Makes Perfect’ – available for H&C+ members from Friday 26th March.

This exclusive H&C masterclass is brought to you by Dodson & Horrell – experts in feeding solutions for every horse.

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