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Dodson & Horrell Equine Sports UK Championships 2022 Arena UK

Live stream from the Dodson & Horrell Equine Sports UK Championships 2022 Arena UK.

  • Day 1: Thursday 28 July 2022
  • Day 2: Friday 29 July 2022
  • Day 3: Saturday 30 July 2022
  • Day 4: Sunday 31 July 2022

On Demand

Class 10 Ridden Mixed Coloured Horse/Pony (Q), 28th July

Class 9 Ridden Horse/Pony (Q), 28th July

Class 8 Ridden Cob (Q), 28th July

Class 7 Ridden Hunter Horse/Pony (Q), 28th July

Class 6 Ridden Mixed Height Part Breed (Q), 28th July

Class 5 Ridden First Ridden (Q), 28th July

Class 4 Ridden Lead Pony (Q), 28th July

Class 3 Ridden M & M Large and Small Breeds (Q), 28th July

Class 2 Ridden Veteran Horse/Pony 15yrs and over (Q), 28th July

Class 1 Ridden Best Turned Out Horse/Pony (Q), 28th July

Evening Performance

Afternoon, In hand Championship classes

Morning, In hand Championships classes

Supreme Championships

M&M Ridden Championships

Working Championships

Ridden Championships

Ridden Turnout Championships

Ridden Pony Championships, Classes 94-96

Ridden Pony Championships, Classes 90-93

Pony Ridden Championships, Classes 87-89

Ridden Pony Championships, Class 85/86

Novice Dressage Championships, 31st July

Prelim Dressage Championships, 31st July

Intro Dressage Championships, 31st July