‘Learning join-up opens up a whole load of skill sets’

If you think join-up isn’t for you, then check out this video from the latest Kelly Marks series coming to Horse & Country.

Intelligent Horsemanship trainer Rosie Jones McVey has been teaching with Kelly for the past 10 years. With a PhD in anthropology, Kelly describes Rosie as her ‘in-house intellectual’ and she plays a key role in Kelly’s five-day foundation course, which features in this new series.

“Learning join-up opens up a whole load of skill sets that make a difference to your horsemanship, but also the whole way you conduct your life,” Rosie explains.

Top Marks: Next Generation sees Kelly and her team teach a group of students the basics of Intelligent Horsemanship, from  join-up to successfully loading.

Don’t miss Top Marks: Next Generation when it premieres on 7 January at 8pm on Sky 253 or online via H&C Play or Amazon Video. The programme will then be available on Catch Up.

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