Monty’s Special Training



Join Monty Roberts for a week long LIVE training course where he works with eight horses he has never met before, shipped in for this unique week at his Flag Is Up Farms. From Thoroughbreds to Arabians, Monty and his team will work with these horses that are in various states of needing training.

Some will be receiving their first saddle and rider,  some will be there to overcome remedial issues such biting or kicking, and some will be gaining more training such as politely coming to the mounting block or to work on their lead changes.

The horses being trained by Monty and his team are there to be more adoptable and each one will be available to adopt as part of a program through The Right Horse Initiative, a program of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The horses’ individual needs/training level will be matched with the training level of the course and students. Along the way, horses will be promoted for adoption to find their right homes.

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