Looking to get your horse fit for the eventing season ahead but not sure where to start? We’ve got something just for you.

From Field to Fitness with Equisafety is a brand-new 13-part mini-series and the ultimate guide to getting your horse back in to work. International event rider Simon Grieve is back to give you the lowdown on when to start working on walk, trot, canter, cross rails and more.

In this series, Simon speaks to some of the best riders in the world to find out how they go about preparing for the season and their most important events – including Liz Halliday Sharpe, Bettina Hoy, Imogen Murray, Phillip Dutton and Caroline Powell. Show jumper and H&C favorite Holly Smith also joins Simon to give her advice, too!

Plus, get advice from Saddle Fitter Andy Milner and Olympic Groom Adele Clarke as they give you their recommendations on how to keep your horse in tip-top condition for the months ahead.

Each 15-minute bite-sized episode has been created to give you the advice you need to take action this season, so don’t miss it! Episodes available exclusively to H&C+ members from Sunday, January 10th.

This series is brought to you by Equisafety – a world leader in technical performance equestrian high viz sportswear.

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