Megan's Talland Takeover

Social Media Influencer Megan Elphick travels to Talland for some lessons with Pammy Hutton.

Megan's Talland Takeover

Season 1

Megan and Winnie settle in at Talland with her first chance to ride in front of Pammy and Charlie before they head to the pub. (S1 Ep, 1/7)
Megan gets a workout in a lunge lesson with Charlie before meeting up with Pammy on a hack. (S1 Ep, 2/7)
Megan gets out of her comfort zone when all time hero, Piggy March coaches her on Winnie for a cross country lesson. (S1 Ep, 3/7)
Megan has a clipping challenge before she gets to ride some Grand Prix dressage moves on a beautiful Andalusian horse. (S1 Ep, 4/7)
William Fox-Pitt challenges Megan to face her fears on the indoor cross country, but they don’t always see eye to eye. (S1 Ep, 5/7)
Megan is put to the test as she has to perform in front of Pammy and Charlie in Winnie’s first dressage test. (S1 Ep, 6/7)
It’s home time for Megan but not before she has more fun on a famous Talland schoolmaster, and Ben Atkinson transforms Winnie’s manners. (S1 Ep, 7/7)

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