Chasing The Dream

Chasing The Dream reveals the true story of some of the best U25 riders trying to achieve their dream and become top riders under pressure in the Global Champions League.

Chasing The Dream

Season 1

Competing for the sport’s highest prize money, the U25 riders partner up with their idols, the world’s best show jumping riders and cement their position as the champions of tomorrow. (S1, Ep1/5)
We delve into the dynamics between young riders as they balance friendship and competition. We also meet Mike Kawai, Jan Tops' protege, and newcomer Lily Atwood who stunned the crowd and left everyone in awe. (S1, Ep2/5)
As the GCL tour heads into its final stages, we uncover the teams dynamics in the championship - how the U25s fit in, the role they play, and the strategies that team managers use from round to round. (S1, Ep3/5)
In this gripping finale, we reflect on the U25 riders' roller coaster journeys filled with tears, laughter, and triumphs. Did they achieve their goals and realize their dreams this season? (S1, Ep4/5)
The Global Champions Playoffs is the pinnacle of showjumping, where the best riders and horses compete for the biggest prize money of the season.The Under 25 riders face their biggest challenge yet. Can they handle it? (S1, Ep5/5)

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