Omega Equine All Star Academy

Billed as a mixture between The Apprentice and Pony Club Camp, eight riders battle it out across a number of challenges in order to be crowned series champion.

Omega Equine All Star Academy

Season 1

We meet the eight riders as they test their relationships with their horses in Intelligent Horsemanship with Kelly Marks. Then Pammy and Charlie watch them ride for the first time. (S3, Ep 1/5)
The riders' anatomy knowledge is challenged as well as their painting skills. Then they have to ride the famous Talland School Masters. (S3, Ep 2/5)
The judges ride their contestants horses and then there's a very early start as the riders are put through their paces by a specialist riding fitness expert. (S3, Ep 3/5)
After a surprise stable check, Episode 4 is all about jumping. Geoff Billington and Nick Gauntlett test their skills over fences. (S3, Ep 4/5)
Valegro's groom, Alan Davies, helps the riders with turnout, Daisy Bunn tests their media skills before the finale, where Harry Meade helps Charlie and Pammy reveal this year's champion. (S3, Ep 5/5)

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