How to Rug Your Horse with WeatherBeeta

Rugging with WeatherBeeta Discover our series, How To Rug Your Horse with WeatherBeeta. Gemma Tattersall and Simon Grieve talk through all of the things you need to know on how to rug your horse - including when to rug your horse, how to measure a horse for a rug and how to know when you’re over rugging!

How to Rug Your Horse with WeatherBeeta

Season 1

Gemma walks Simon through the basics of rug fitting and measuring your horse to determine rug size. They also discuss rugging for winter turnout (S1, Ep 1/5)
Gemma shows how to fit a stable rug, talks to Simon about preventing rubs on manes, when to bring in and how to rug depending on level of fitness (S1, Ep 2/5)
The transition rugs which are used when the weather is mild in the Spring or the Autumn.(S1, Ep 3/5)
Gemma talks Simon through fitting a fly rug and then we go to the field to talk about Summer rugging and protecting horses from flies as well as coats bleaching.(S1, Ep 4/5)
Gemma and Simon talk about what protective wear to put on a horse to travel, including boots and tail guard as well as a rug to prevent bumps and scratches. (S1, Ep 5/5)

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