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See if Corona accepts his first rider, with the legendary horse whisperer Monty Roberts. (S3, Ep 1/10)
Kinza is known as the horse who is impossible to load, see if Monty Roberts can get him to cooperate. (S3, Ep 2/10)
Monty works with Snipe's phobias until her heart rate comes down and she begins to trust and conquer her fears. A story of how heart and courage work together. (S3, Ep 3/10)
Monty is in Scotland to demonstrate Western riding and to help Zeb, a beautiful black Arabian horse who hasn't entered a lorry in over three years. (S3, Ep 4/10)
In Aintree, England, Monty puts the first rider up on Otto, a 4 year old Warmblood. See what Monty does to finish the demonstration with Otto rolling and relaxed. (S3, Ep 5/10)
Marley can't stand still and is impossible to put a bit on. Watch how Monty can work with Marley and the changes that happen. (S3, Ep 6/10)
Tyson brings his fan club to see if he is the horse that Monty won't be able to load into the lorry. (S3, Ep 7/10)
War horse and your Horse is a fun demo showing how your horse can be safe and gentle as a war horse. (S3, Ep 8/10)
Roberto is a Welsh section D and beautiful high stepping pony. Watch how well he learns to accept the saddle, long lines and first rider. (S3, Ep 9/10)
Cracker is a pony that won't load in the lorry, it takes 6 people 2 hours to load her, watch Monty let her discover that the lorry is a great place. (S3, Ep 10/10)
Grandpa is afraid of everything. Watch him overcome his fear and learn to trust Monty Roberts. (S4, Ep 1/10)
Find out how Neo's first dummy ride goes. Alex rides Neo also. (S4, Ep 2/10)
Monty works with veteran Paul Rooney and with horses to learn how to gain trust. Observe how horses teach trust to a post-traumatic stress injury veteran. The healing process begins. (S4, Ep 3/10)
Charlie Avent has autism and has found a wonderful world of horses. Communicating with horses has changed his life, watch Charlie & Harry Join-Up. (S4, Ep 4/10)
Maisie's first ride. It is the starting of a young filly Maisie, she is a normal horse getting started in a good way. (S4, Ep 5/10)
Perita is impossible to catch, he is extremely spooky and afraid of everything. Watch Monty rebuild Perita's trust and confidence. (S4, Ep 6/10)
Mini Mouse is a champion pony that won't stand still. Watch Monty and Mini Mouse work together in partnership until Mini Mouse finds that standing still for applause is a good thing. (S4, Ep 7/10)
Welcome to the world of Monty Roberts, see him at his beautiful ranch Flag is Up Farms. Explore his life with PTSD veterans, corporate leaders and horsemen from around the world. (S4, Ep 8/10)
Jack is a big horse that won't load into a trailer. Monty teaches the steps for stepping into the trailer. Watch Jack learn that the horse trailer is safe and not scary. (S4, Ep 9/10)
One of Monty Robert's most challenging horses to date; Jiggy the mare who is scared of everything. Join Monty in his task to prove to Jiggy that life is not as scary as she thinks. (S4, Ep 10/10)
In this episode we meet a horse called Beau who is scared of motorbikes, see how Monty can help Beau face his fear. (S5, Ep 1/11)
Abra is a beautiful warmblood filly having her first saddle and rider. Watch her learn to accept her first lesson and develop trust with Monty. (S5, Ep 2/11)
Saffy experiences her first ever rider with the help of Monty. She soon learns to accept her jockey with very little fuss. (S5, Ep 3/11)
Connor is "afraid of everything" according to his owner. Watch as he faces his fears to become a brave and bold event horse. (S5, Ep 4/11)
Spooky to the Max! Max is scared of plastic bags and clippers, watch Monty work with Max to let him face his fears and become more trusting and brave. (S5, Ep 5/11)
Runaway Pixie is hard to mount as she runs away when ever someone tries to get onboard. Watch Monty teach Pixie that standing still to mount is very important for everyone's safety. (S5, Ep 6/11)
Calvados is a large warmblood from Germany that has been almost impossible to load for years. Watch Monty after a join up show as he teaches Calvados that the lorry is a good place. (S5, Ep 7/11)
Harry won't stand still to Mount, watch Monty teach Harry that standing still is a good thing. Harry is a big warm blood with high energy, he is remedial having a bad past. (S5, Ep 8/11)
Monty demonstrates his loading techniques for two special horses 'Arika' and 'Tiggy'. Monty then gets the owners to load their horses into the lorry. (S5, Ep 9/11)
This is Lilly's first time off the farm where she has been born and raised. Watch Monty introduce her to the arena full of people, she also experiences her first saddle and rider. (S5, Ep 10/11)
Peace and Goodwill for the holiday season. Monty teaches Veterans with Post traumatic Stress Injury how to Join Up. The healing is amazing for both the veterans and the wild horse. (S5, Ep 11/11)
Eirian is a beautiful Welsh pony that is afraid of everything and is head shy. Monty works through Eirian's fears and they have a great ending. (S6, Ep 1/12)
Maverick is a pasture raised young horse, he bucks like a rodeo horse. With Monty's gentle techniques, Maverick accepts his first rider in under 30 minutes. (S6, Ep 2/12)
Watch Monty work with Wallace the mule. See how smart and willing Wallace is to be a partner with Monty. Join-Up works on mules as well as horses. (S6, Ep 3/12)
Remedial Mel the problem horse. Monty works closely with Mel to help him understand people. Monty says 'A problem horse is a horse that only has problems with people'. (S6, Ep 4/12)
Welsh section C gelding Robert scared himself when he was stung as he was being taken out of his gig. Robert then was swiped by another driving vehicle. Watch Monty regain his trust. (S6, Ep 5/12)
Horse sense and healing. Join up with veterans, with the return of Paul. Paul shows his growth and a new veteran Dave has his first join up. (S6, Ep 6/12)
Charm is not very charming, she is a kicker. Watch Monty guide Charm forward to help her trust people and to learn not to kick. Will Charm be as charming as her name? (S6, Ep 7/12)
Peanut has his first saddle and rider for a Demo at Flag is Up Farm, Monty's home in his covered arena. (S6, Ep 8/12)
Evolution is a horse that won't let his ears be touched, Monty becomes centaur and works his method and Evolution begins to love to have his ears stroked. (S6, Ep 9/12)
Watch Monty work closely with Hugo in Arizona. Hugo is a young Akhal-Teke horse getting his first saddle and rider. (S6, Ep 10/12)
Jasper is afraid of everything, Monty and Jasper go through the lake and stream. (S6, Ep 11/12)
Highlights of 2015 with Monty Roberts and a look to the future of flag is Up Farm. (S6, Ep 12/12)
Please be invited to a Backstage Pass with Monty Roberts at Buckingham Palace with Her Majesty The Queen in October 2015 (S7, Ep 1/12)
Backstage Pass to Flag is Up Farms, celebrating 50 year jubilee 1966- 2016. (S7, Ep 2/12)
Mouse is a rescue that is learning to trust and learning to carry a saddle and rider for the first time. Hopefully he finds a great person to spend the future with. (S7, Ep 3/12)
Penny is a problem horse whose owner is at their wit's end. Can Monty help and save the day? (S7, Ep 4/12)
Ellie who is a 6 year old is hard to mount and load on to a lorry. See Monty work on both these issues. (S7, Ep 5/12)
A real miracle story, Rachael an Australian veteran who suffered PTSI, watch her amazing growth after join up with Monty. (S7, Ep 6/12)
Join Monty as he collects his 80th Birthday gift, 3 wild mustangs from BLM. Watch him work with the horses and he introduces the first touch and halter training. (S7, Ep 7/12)
Spencer is a young gelding that had a bad incident when first saddled so is afraid of anything on his back. Monty helps Spencer accept the saddle, and mannequin rider. (S7, Ep 8/12)
Cariad in welsh is love, and Cariad is a young horse learning to love her first saddle and rider. With Monty Roberts she is getting a great start for a nice life. (S7, Ep 9/12)
Kelly Marks takes clipper phobic horse 'Indie' through incremental work to achieve join up leading to the familiarisation of clippers. (S7, Ep 10/12)
Night of Inspiration at Flag is up Farms with Monty and Pat Roberts. See Monty work and ride at his home in Solvang, Ca for inspiration. (S7, Ep 11/12)
A remedial horse named Badger is afraid to walk over any object while being ridden. Through join up and Monty's work watch Badger relax and become a riding partner. (S7, Ep12/12)
Watch Monty Roberts work his horsemanship skills. (S8, Ep 1/12)
Tabby is an ex race horse that is always anxious and doesn't stand still for mounting. Watch Monty train her to stand still and relax at the mounting block. (S8, Ep2/12)
Monty works with Martin Clunes, learning how to use the Dually Halter and how to load a difficult horse into the lorry. Great fun and education! (S8, Ep3/12)
Monty introduces an affiliate program of Join-Up International, aiming to reduce violence in the community with the experience of 'Join-Up' and working with horses. (S8, Ep 4/12)
In this episode we meet Chip, a horse that synchronizes with his handlers' adrenaline levels. As all horses do, Monty works to release his fear issues. (S8, Ep5/12)
Watch Monty Roberts work his horsemanship skills. (S8, Ep 6/12)
Charley is a pony that won't let anyone pick up his back feet nor bathe him. Watch Monty teach Charley to trust handling of his feet and sponge off at the same time. (S8, Ep7/12)
Chico is a wild pony that was rescued, he is not trained at all. Watch Monty gentle Chico with some help from his friends. (S8, Ep8/12)
Flag is a champion show pony dismissed from classes at shows because he's afraid of the applause. Watch Monty teach Flag that applause is great so that he can win. (S8, Ep 9/12)
Todge was pulled out of the field on the day of the demo; a true starter with no saddle or rider experience and only farrier care before his big day with Monty. (S8, Ep 10/12)
Emi is a horse with a past history of fear and bolting injuring his riders. Monty works with Emi and gives the owner tips on relaxation and breathing. (S8, Ep 11/12)
In this episode, Monty helps develop Yorkie's confidence as he is introduced to a saddle and a rider for the first time. (S9, Ep 1/12)
Smurf won't let anyone touch his feet; he has scared three farriers away. Monty gets Smurf to join up and build trust so he will allow someone to touch his feet. (S9, Ep 2/12)
Lola is a beautiful black and white paint who is afraid of everything. Monty works with Lola to overcome her fear of plastic. (S9, Ep 3/12)
Taylor is a beautiful show horse, but with high adrenaline, she can't stand still. Monty works with her and in minutes she is still and moving calmly with a rider. (S9, Ep 4/12)
Spanish Riding School: Part 1. Amos is a gelding preparing for his first rider. Monty uses his Join-Up skills so that this experience will be a good one for Amos. (S9, Ep 5/12)
Spanish Riding School: Part 2. A spooky horse learns to become accustomed to things that create their greatest fear, conquered by trust and Join-Up with Monty. (S9, Ep 6/12)
Monty works with his horse, Chrome, and his mustang, Diego, at a demonstration in Thousand Oaks CA. (S9, Ep 7/12)
Mac is a big cob horse that is hard to mount, he bolts or barges while being mounted. Monty shows how any horse can be taught to willingly come to the mounting block. (S9, Ep 8/12)
Rio is a section D pony that is afraid of everything. Watch Monty work with and get Rio to walk on the plastic lake and stream with confidence. (S9, Ep 9/12)
Sienna is a beautiful Andalusian mare, who has had a horrible past. Monty offers his friendship and trust to build on Sienna's confidence. (S9, Ep 10/12)
In this episode, inexperienced Grace encounters her first saddle and rider - a great start for Grace. (S9, Ep 11/12)
Watch Monty Roberts work his horsemanship skills. (S9, Ep 12/12)
In this episode, Martin Clunes works with Monty Roberts on a pony called Puzzle who is scared of plastic. (S10, Ep 1/12)
Bess refuses to be mounted at the standing block. Watch Monty as he helps Bess to overcome her hesitance. (S10, Ep 2/12)
Monty joins-up with Alaska the mule as she is ridden for the first time. (S10, Ep 3/12)
Monty Roberts works on a show pony called India and explains what the do's and don'ts of good horsemanship are. (S10, Ep 4/12)
Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts trains a horse with extreme mounting problems and works through it using his Join-Up techniques. (S10, Ep 5/12)
Monty Roberts works with showing rider Simon Charlesworth and works on a horse called Jack to help him stay calm in the show ring. (S10, Ep 6/12)
Trainer Monty Roberts works on Diago, an American mustang with a huge personality and lots of ability (S10, Ep 7/12)
In this episode, Monty Roberts works on a spooky thoroughbred mare called Mona Lisa who was rescued from slaughter. (S10, Ep 8/12)
Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts using his Join-Up techniques works on a horse called Uno that is scared of plastic. (S10, Ep 9/12)
This episode is Part One working on Jojo a wild horse who Monty wants to learn to accept the saddle. (S10, Ep 10/12)
JoJo Part Two: Monty Roberts spends another day working on an untamed horse and gets him to accept a rider. (S10, Ep 11/12)
Monty Roberts works with actor Martin Clunes on a horse that is scared of the farrier. (S10, Ep 12/12)
Mowgli is a clever young mule from HorseWorld, available for adoption, that Monty starts under saddle with an Ardall mannequin rider and then a live rider.(S11, Ep 1/12)
Thor is a nervous and suspicious horse who was rescued in a very underfed state; Monty habituates him to scary plastic and earns his trust. (S11, Ep 2/12)
A calm little horse, Pablo responds confidently to Monty’s Join-Up and long lining and makes the first ride look easy. (S11, Ep 3/12)
Bob is an ex-racehorse who has a reputation of being very hard to load, Monty tries some new things to change the horse’s mind about trailers and cause him to load enthusiastically (S11, Ep 4/12)
While touring Poland, Monty Roberts works to restore the trust of Dream, a horse who has learned to express hostility towards humans. (S11, Ep 5/12)
On tour in Poland, Monty employs a home-made dummy rider in starting a gelding named Good Luck under saddle. (S11, Ep 6/12)
At Flag Is Up Farms, Monty begins to rehabilitate a young racehorse who has learned bad habits such as rearing with a rider. (S11, Ep 7/12)
Monty continues to rehabilitate a fractious racehorse and achieves his stated goals of having her back into the starting gate and break from it with a gallop.(S11, Ep 8/12)
Smokey is a Quarter Horse colt bred to work cattle, and accepts his first saddle and rider without resistance to fear.(S11, Ep 9/12)
Monty enters the Gentling Pen to Join-Up with and befriend Cinder, a horse who was untouched until he was brought to Flag Is Up Farms to participate in the Gentling Wild Horses class (S11, Ep 10/12)
Jim is an elegant Friesian stallion who has had some foot issues and has learned to kick at farriers. Monty work with Jim to teach him the benefits of holding still . (S11, Ep 11/12)
Apple is a 3 year old American Saddlebred filly who came to Monty to learn some basic skills and raise her likelihood of finding a permanent, loving home. (S11, Ep 12/12)
Marley is a wild mare learning to be tame in Monty’s Gentling Wild Horses Course. (S12, Ep 1/12).
Under Monty’s direction, students in his “Gentling Wild Horses” class groom feral Marley’s tangled locks and teach her to follow a trained horse to the round pen.(S12, Ep 2/12).
Mithral is a roan grey thoroughbred who is not hesitating to push, bite, or strike his human handlers. In Monty’s hands, Mithral shows himself to be a willing learner.(S12, Ep 3/12).
Lord Admiral, known as Lad, is a thoroughbred who gained 500,000 Youtube followers as a racehorse. Monty uses several different methods to introduce Lad to a correct way of going.(S12, Ep 4/12).
Former racehorse Lord Admiral, known as Lad, returns for more work on his head and neck position. Monty uses long lines to incrementally guide Lad into a more balanced & athletic frame (S12, Ep 5/12).
Gruffalo is a nine year old riding horse & a beautiful mover,but is resistant to being mounted & spooky as well. Monty uses an incremental approach to work Gruffalo through these issues.(S12, Ep 6/12)
Monti is a chestnut Section D Welsh Cob, four years of age & extra sensitive about life. Monty gains the horse's trust with a Join-Up, then goes about building up his confidence. (S12, Ep 7/12)
Celtic Design is a young gelding brought to Monty for his first saddle and rider. He is accompanied by a small pony, who waits patiently outside the round pen until the ride is finished. (S12,Ep 8/12)
Poppy is a young mare fresh off the racetrack and ready to be retrained and adopted through the Monty Roberts Mustang and Transition Horse Program. (S12, Ep 9/12)
Bo is a retired Standardbred harness racing horse who has had experiences that have made him extremely protective of his ears and mouth, so he can’t be bridled. (S12. Ep 10/12)
Mounted on a gentle gelding, Monty continues his Centaur method to gently persuade former harness racing horse Bo to let his ears be handled. (S12. Ep 11/12)
Boone is a mischievous and very clever roan mule who has a phobia about fly spray. Monty works gradually and incrementally to help Boone feel better about being sprayed. (S12, Ep 12/12)
Charlotte is a 3 year old Arabian, Quarter Horse and Fresian crosst In this episode Monty begins with a Join-Up, and then introduces the saddle to the very expressive filly. (S13, Ep 1/12)
Charlotte’s second day with Monty is transformative; she experiences a mannequin rider on her back, Monty’s expert long lining method, and finally her first live rider. (S13, Ep 2/12)
Koa comes with a reputation of taking 4 hours to load into a trailer. After Monty loads her easily into an trailer, he learns that she is afraid of tight spaces such as narrow trailers. (S13, Ep 3/13)
Koa and Charlotte learn to load into a narrow-door, step-up trailer that does not have a ramp. Koa learns to follow the Dually Halter through the narrow door. (S13, Ep 4/13)
Hudson is a very expressive 2 year old thoroughbred who has been rescued and adopted, and comes to Monty to learn basic skills and be started under saddle. (S13, Ep 5/13)
Hudson is back for more sessions with Monty. First the lively colt learns to carry a saddle, then he carries his first rider who is actually an Ardall mannequin strapped to the saddle (S13, Ep 6/13)
Monty begins by teaching the energetic filly to follow her handler’s lead, using a Dually Halter. When Monty puts a surcingle on Alma, she bucks furiously and doesn’t want to stop. (S13, Ep7/13)
Monty starts the second session with a Join-Up and uses "Diaphragmatic Breathing" to bring Alma in close to him. (S13, Ep 8/13)
Meg is a small mare captured wild in the American West and brought to Monty’s farm to be gentled one month ago. (S13, Ep 9/13)
Monty introduces and Joins Up with thoroughbred filly Ashely’s Sandcastle. Monty then discusses the filly and her training with trainer-in-training & award winning jockey Vinzenz Schiergen. (S13, Ep 10/13)
Lovely thoroughbred mare Skye returns for a second day with Monty, learning to follow the reins as she yields to the subtle pressure of Monty’s cues and turns to and fro with ease and grace. (S13, Ep 12/12)
Monty shows step by step how to make a mannequin rider from easily available materials, to take the risks on fractious horses before the human rider mounts. (S14, Ep 1/12)
Monty tries out the mannequin rider on his horse Chrome. Finding it useful but overly floppy, Monty adds internal structure to his dummy rider and puts it to the test again, with excellent results.(S14, Ep 2/12)
Raylan is a 4 year old Connemara - Dutch Warmblood cross who came to Monty for his first training experience. Preparing for his first human rider, the athletic colt goes from Join-Up to a mannequin rider. (S14, Ep 3/12)
Raylan returns to be started under saddle, with Monty mentoring advanced student Jonathan Boswell. The newly built mannequin rider, with 5 plastic bags attached to him, rides Raylan first. (S14, Ep 4/12)
Lucca is a 18:2 hand warmblood who has never learned how to cooperate with his handlers. It falls to Monty to connect with this larger than life and utterly striking horse. (S14, Ep 5/12)
In his second session with Lucca, Monty uses turning patterns to soften and supple Lucca’s way of going on the long lines (S14, Ep 6/12)
After Lucca learns in record time to come to the mounting block and stand patiently for his rider, Monty remarks that Lucca’s brain, not just his body, is big. (S14, Ep 7/12)
Bonita is a big beautiful thoroughbred who was discarded as a polo horse due to her highly sensitive nature. Bonita manifests her desperation in the round pen as Monty begins his process of rebuilding her trust and cooperation.(S14, Ep 8/12)
Responding to Monty’s gentle prompts, Bonita emerges from her defensive panic and finds comfort and safety in partnership. (S14, Ep 9/12)
Fabuloso is a big horse with a timid heart who cannot be approached with clippers in hand. After a Join-Up, Monty uses an electric toothbrush to incrementally habituate the gelding to the feared sound of clippers. (S14, Ep 10/12)
One of 3 mustang herd mates brought to Monty for gentling, Casey is frightened of the sights and sounds of the human world. Monty uses his "Lake and Stream" method to help Casey get over his fear of plastic tarpaulins. (S14, Ep 11/12)
Monty guides Casey, a wild mustang, through an incremental process of habituation. As Monty causes Casey no pain, he is able to win the horse’s complete trust. (S14, Ep 12/12)
Jaden is a wild mustang captured with his two brothers and gentled by Monty and his students. (S15, Ep 1/12)
Lass is a young bay mare off the racetrack who is being retrained through Monty’s adoption program. Monty uses his non-violent methods to prepare Lass for her first rides with her adopter Tess. (S15, Ep 2/12)

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