Ingrid Klimke is world renowned for her skills as an international eventer. She has reached the very top of the sport.

In these masterclasses, Ingrid offers an insight into her training techniques for both Dressage and Jumping. We’re bringing you two exclusive programmes from this incredible masterclass, which you can watch first only on H&C’s streaming service:

A Masterclass with Ingrid Klimke: Dressage and A Masterclass with Ingrid Klimke: Jumping will be available from Saturday 20 April on our streaming service.

Watch the trail here:

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She works with horse and rider combinations in the demonstrations, and analyses the technical sides of the exercises. In the jumping masterclass programme, Ingrid takes a look at walk and trot poles, cantering a related distance, as well as shortening and lengthening the strides. Following that, she looks at a combination of trot and canter poles on each half of a circle, and asks the riders to ride figures of eight with the poles.

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