Advertising on Horse & Country TV

Video is the world’s leading advertising medium and H&C is the dominant force in equestrian video. Our advertisers can now reach our audience of passionate riders in a number of exciting ways.


No-one produces more equestrian video than H&C,and increasingly we’re putting our production skills to work on behalf of our advertisers. For Charles Owen we produce branded content featuring their ambassadors such as Ros Canter and Michael Whitaker; for Boehringer Ingelheim we’ve made a series of programmes featuring the conditions their drugs treat. Whatever we film, we always produce a range of formats and time lengths for use across different platforms and media. And, H&C brand partners benefit from video at cost, resulting in significant savings and more budget for media activation.


Television advertising builds brands and drives sales. H&C allows you to achieve these goals while reaching a targeted and low wastage audience. With the cost of running a 30” ad on H&C just £16, TV is a viable investment for any brand wanting to reach the biggest video audience in the sector. In the last 6 months of 2018, our UK audience viewed more than 25 million ads. A heavyweight campaign of 280 spots (10 spots per day across four weeks) costs just £4,480, with a guaranteed delivery of 250,000 views. Ask us about the great discounts we offer for higher levels of investment.


Sponsorship is a great way to associate your brand with the values of a programme, event or personality. Our masterclasses enable you to make the most of your rider partnerships, while our coverage of all the major sports events including Badminton, Burghley, Hickstead, Olympia, Global Champions Tour, Event Rider Masters and all of the FEI Championships, offers the perfect platform for reaching diehard fans. Or perhaps title sponsorship of one of our landmark programmes such as Omega Equine All Star Academy would be right for you. Whatever your objectives, our team can help you find the right vehicle for your brand. Investment levels start at £3,500.


Product placement puts your brand at the heart of our programmes. It’s an increasingly popular aspect of mainstream TV and H&C have been enthusiastic early adopters. It could be your rugs (including close-ups) featured in the opening sequence of a Masterclass, or maybe your bedding prominently in shot as a rider shows us around her yard in one of our rider profile shows. Our recent All Star Academy series featured 10 different product placements with brands such as Bucas, Tredstep, Charles Owen and Jump 4 Joy all taking part. With 30 new hours of programming every month there’s sure to be a way that we can showcase your brand at its best. Investment levels from £2k.


In 2018 H&C reached 57 million people on Facebook and generated over 2m video views a month. Our advertisers can benefit from this exposure in a number of ways, including sponsorship of the real time video content we produce at major events, promotional clips for sponsored shows on the channel, and sharing content using Facebook’s Branded Partnership tool. And now we’re also able to offer dark posts so you can extend the reach of your campaigns beyond your own followers into our 235k strong community. Talk to our team and we can put together the right package for you.


H&C runs localised versions of the channel in six different markets: The UK (including the Republic of Ireland), The Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Germany and the US. TV ratings information shows over a million people a month watch our channels across the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Sweden, all major equestrian markets. If your brand has a presence in these markets, we can help you go further, faster.



Every month we bring 30 new hours of equestrian programmes to our audience across these four broad genres. As well as this unrivalled volume of video content, our subscribers can now access our library of over 300 hours where they can binge watch our box sets or check out that great tip from a recent Masterclass another time.


Whether it’s our Facebook followers, our broadcast audience or the growing number of subscribers to our digital services, they all have one thing in common: a passion for all things equestrian. So our advertisers benefit from the scale and impact of H&C’s position as the dominant force in equestrian video, with none of the wastage often associated with mass media.


Video is the most vibrant and dynamic sector in media today, with digital channel platforms and app-based video viewing showing massive growth. H&C has been at the forefront of this process with the channel now available on multiple “over the top” services such as Roku and Amazon Prime Video, as well as through our traditional broadcast partners such as Sky, Virgin, Ziggo, Com Hem and Boxer. As a result, the channel can be seen in over 15 million homes in the UK and Ireland and 48 million worldwide. Our Facebook and Instagram communities continue to grow, fed by a constant stream of video specifically adapted to maximise take up and response in the social environment. You can be assured that, wherever our audience want to go next for their video fix, we’ll be there first.


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