Stream the 65th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

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For the first time ever, H&C are proud to present an exclusive live stream straight from the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. This extraordinary event is held annually in Scottsdale, Arizona and has grown hugely since it’s initial launch in 1955 – from 50 horses to nearly 2400 horses in attendance! Top owners, trainers and breeders from around the globe will compete for a chance of winning in a huge variety of classes – from dressage and reining, to showing and driving.

A full schedule of classes being streamed can be seen on our Live Events page.

The 65th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is available to live for H&C Event Pass purchasers, from 13th to 23rd February. More information on how to purchase the Event Pass and what it includes can be seen here.



Find out more about the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, by visiting their website here.