Pammy Hutton returns to H&C with a new series

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Superstar dressage trainer, Pammy Hutton, is back on H&C with a new and exclusive five-part series from Saturday 14th March!

In ‚Half Halt with Pammy Hutton‘, Pammy looks to demystify some of the basics – including how to decipher your trainer’s terminology, how to improve your position and balance as well as how to achieve 6 different canters! With an absolute wealth of knowledge behind her, this series is an absolute must for those looking to improve their technique and master the essentials. Take a look at what each episode below…

  • Episode 1 – Terminology explained
    Time and time again, instructors can use phrases which confuse and conflict the rider. Never fear! Pammy is on hand to explain what they mean and how to actually ride them. Starting with the very basics and a complete beginner, Pammy works up through the levels.
  • Episode 2 – Position, Circles and Bumps
    Pammy is an expert at improving balance and style by doing the nasty and taking away the stirrups (gasp!) and making even the best riders work on a circle. In this episode, we look at the riders position through the levels and how to improve it.
  • Episode 3 – Pammy’s 6 Canters
    Pammy is famous for her ability to improve a canter. Most riders know of the Working, Collected, Medium and Extended Canter but Pammy has 6 canters she can teach you.
  • Episode 4 – Lateral work demystified
    In this episode, Pammy breaks down and simplifies lateral movements including; shoulder in, half pass and turn on the forehand. Get ready for those Medium tests!
  • Episode 5 – Flying changes 
    Riders come from around the world to learn how to improve their flying changes with Pammy. In this episode, we learn her inside secrets.


Episode 1 will be available on demand for both H&C Free and H&C Plus viewers.

Episodes 2-5 available weekly, only for H&C Plus subscribers.

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