Join us to commemorate 60 glorious years of Hickstead

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This summer marks 60 years since the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead first opened, and this new documentary will showcase the incredible history of the showground. Produced by Lizzie and Daisy Bunn, daughters of the showground’s legendary founder, the late Douglas Bunn, this one-hour documentary charts the development of Hickstead from its inception in 1960 to becoming established as one of the best-known equestrian venues in the world.

This documentary features many of equestrian sport’s biggest names, including David Broome, Eddie Macken, Nick Skelton, Laura Kraut and John Ledingham. Recent winners of the Al Shira’aa Derby such as William Funnell and William Whitaker reveal what it means to win one of showjumping’s most iconic classes.

Available on H&C+ from Sunday 28th June – it’s not to be missed!

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