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Burto is back… with a brand new episode of ‚Burto’s Basics‘! Previously, we’d been introduced to young event horse, Barney, who was exhibiting fear in the presence of ditches. In this episode, we take a look at how the training has progressed, and the tactics Australian event rider, Chris ‚Burto‘ Burton, and horse trainer, Connie Colfox, have used to continue Barney’s progress.

They look at how the combination of leadership, positive reinforcement and trust building exercises can improve a horse’s perception and learning. There’s no force, no coercion – just training and and understanding, as Connie and Chris look to train for the future, not just for the moment.

Watch as the team work together from the school to the cross country field, and work up from baby steps to leaps of faith!

Burto’s Basics episode 3 is available exclusively for H&C+ subscribers from Friday 4th September.

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