Annemarie returns to H&C with some expert advice

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Annemarie van der Toorn returns to H&C in a new three-part mini series – where she aims to teach people how to communicate better with their horses. With greater understanding between human and horse, the bond can be strengthened and both individuals can have greater enjoyment during their time together.
Episode 1 looks at which behaviours a horse is born with and which are developed through training and experience. Annemarie looks at how fear and insecurity can push horses to behave in a particular manner, and how they can be influenced by hierarchy and leadership. She also looks at the pressure and release actions – and how this is used to train our horses to act in a certain manner.
In Episode 2, Annemarie addresses how we can use certain techniques to help our horses relax in stressful situations – including new obstacles or challenges. She looks at how we can teach the horse to increase self-confidence and the size of their comfort zone.
Episode 3 show us how to deal with challenging horse behaviour, and work through the frustrations that can often be seen between horse and handler. Annemarie looks at identifying changes in behaviour, how to correct these and how a positive working relationship can then be built.


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