What to wear on Ladies’ Day: The dos and don’ts of showground chic

What to wear on ladies day? Fairfax & Favour.
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With Ladies’ Day at the Royal International Horse Show just days away, you might be thinking about dusting off that frock. But do heels and horses really mix? And what to wear if it rains? Decisions, decisions…

We spoke to fashion experts at Fairfax & Favor to find out the dos and don’ts of showground chic.

Best foot forward

Always wear comfortable, but smart footwear. You can’t go wrong with a classic boot like the Regina, but if you want to make a statement a pair of over-the-knee boots will bring a real wow factor to any outfit.

If long boots aren’t your style, why not try a stylish version of a Chelsea boot? Our Athena’s provide a pointed toe for an elegant shape and a great slimming effect on the leg.


Smarten up any outfit with accessories – it’s even better when they match your footwear. The Pembroke handbag is a fashion-forward, but timeless handbag that can carry all your show-day essentials. Or for something a little more compact go for the Salisbury Purse, which doubles up as a stylish clutch bag.

Add some dazzle to your outfit with some equestrian jewellery, such as the beautiful collection from Hiho Silver.

Head’s up

Make a real impression with a fabulous hat – it also means you don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day if it rains or is very windy. The Hicks & Brown range of stunning fedoras offer classic country headwear, with a modern, chic twist.

Take cover

Always bring a jacket with you. You never know when the next down pour will be! It’s also good to cover up over-exposed flesh, there’s nothing worse than a gust of wind showing the entire showground your underwear. A classic cotton blazer goes with most outfits.

You don’t want a beautiful outfit ruined by rain, so it’s a good idea to bring an umbrella as well.

Talking of rain, try to protect your suede and leather boots with Liquiproof, which is proven to prevent stains from water and drinks.

Matchy matchy

Colour co-ordination is the key to a smart outfit, whether it’s your boots and bag, or dress and hat. A great combination is to match your Fairfax & Favor tassels to part of your outfit, so if your hat is bright green go for a bright green pair of tassels. It instantly draws attention and shows your outfit has been well thought through.

If you can’t make it to Hickstead you can watch all the action on H&C. We are showing highlights of the FEI Nations on 2 August at 9pm, and on 5 August you can watch RIHS 2017: Speed Classic at 7pm, followed by the RIHS 2017: George V Cup at 8pm. Tune in on Sky 253, or watch online via H&C Play or Amazon Video.

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