‘Valegro and Charlotte were what the world needed’

image of Valegro and Charlotte
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Carl Hester always knew Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin were special, but he didn’t realise quite how good a partnership they were until the 2011 European Dressage Championships in Rotterdam.

First gold medal

Just nine years old, Valegro was the youngest horse at the championships, but he took it all in his (very large) stride, helping the team win gold. It was both his and Charlotte’s first major championship, and proved they didn’t just the talent, they also had the mental attitude needed for success in the dressage arena.

“It was then I realised they were both were superstars,” Carl told H&C. “They were what the world needed. A new combination, of a young girl who’d not been there before, and a young horse with terribly exciting potential. I thought then they were going places.”

Valegro’s best bits

And go places, they did. Here at Horse & Country we’ve been lucky enough to follow Valegro’s incredible career – from his masterclass with Carl Hester as a six-year-old, to his recent retirement at Olympia.

As a thank-you to this incredible horse (and Charlotte and Carl) we have put together our favourite memories in Valegro’s Farewell. This new TV show features exclusive interviews, footage of Valegro at home and away, and a lot of tears.

Valegro’s Farewell is sponsored by 

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