The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor

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The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor is a short documentary film about a horse trainer, who learnt everything he knows from Monty Roberts.

Cornish cowboy

Dan Wilson looks like he stepped out of the wild west, but he is based in picturesque Cornwall. The ‘Cornish cowboy’ combines his talent and remarkable techniques, which he picked up when working with the original horse whisperer.

Dan comes from a long line of horse trainers and has lived and worked with cattle and horses his whole life. His father farms Galloway cattle and sheep and Moorland horses, and his mother breeds Appaloosa horses.

Life-changing demonstration

Dan was bought up with ‘traditional horsemanship’, but a life-changing demonstration with the legendary Monty Roberts made him re-think his training methods.

He worked with Kelly Marks in return for lessons and in 2004 he was named as an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate. He has since worked with Monty in demonstrations across Europe. On some tours, Dan even had his own ‘spot’, working with horses in front of over a thousand people.

Remarkable work

Dan is now found on his ramshackle farm just outside of Liskeard in Cornwall, where he trains horses of all ages and with all kinds of behavioural issues.

This documentary follows this incredible, gentle man and the remarkable work he does with horses.

The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor premieres on Sky 253 at 9pm on 30 March, or you can watch it online by subscribing to H&C Play.


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