Advice from Kelly Marks on horses who won’t be mounted

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Watch this clip to see the incredible transformation in “professional bum swinger” Molly, after just one session with Kelly Marks.


It never ceases to amaze us how Kelly can achieve so much with a horse, in so little time – and with a camera crew watching!

This clip is from the latest episode of Top Marks: On the Road, which sees Kelly tackle the tricky task of horses who won’t stand still to be mounted.

Three very different ‘problem’ horses are brought to Kelly to work with. The difference in Molly, after Kelly works her magic has to be seen to be believed. Is she really the same horse?

Kelly’s advice

Kelly’s advice to the owners involved – and anyone having problems with their horse is:

  • Be clear with your aims
  • Start with simple things
  • Make it easy for your horse to get things right
  • Give plenty of praise breaks
  • Allow them time to process what you’re doing, throughout the training session

Want to find out how Kelly changed Molly from a ‘professional bum swinger’ into the perfect, patient pony? Don’t miss Top Marks: On the Road when it premieres on Sky 253 on Tuesday 21 February at 9pm. If you don’t have Sky, you can watch it by subscribing to H&C Play.

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